We are leading, trustworthy and sustainable. We increase value, satisfaction and quality of life.


Festi's mission is to drive investments, support value creation and create new opportunities.

Festi owns and operates companies that are leaders in each of their markets; food, electronics, fuel, electricity sales and service stations. Real estate and warehouse operations along with the purchase and sale of securities are also part of the Group's activities.

The parent company Festi owns the subsidiaries Krónan which operates supermarkets, N1 which operates fuel and electricity sales service stations and various services related to lubrication and automotive services, ELKO which is the largest electronics store in Iceland, Yrkir eignir, which owns and operates the Group's real estate and Bakkann vöruhótel, which specialises in warehouse services and distribution.

The main role of the parent company vis-à-vis the operating companies is threefold:

  • Manage investments
  • Create new opportunities.
  • Support value creation

Policy Focus

The community

We have a positive impact on society and our local environment by guiding sustainability in all our decision-making


We intend to be an excellent and sought-after workplace where career development and a fascinating work culture are promoted

Operating companies

We support our companies for growth and seek new opportunities with cost-effective support services in the areas of operations, financing, human resources, digital solutions and sustainability


We build long-term business relationships with our customers, suppliers and other partners


We create value for our shareholders through sustainable long-term investments